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At Dryland United Church of Christ, we're always excited to welcome new visitors. We encourage you to join us for a service, and we want to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We have Sunday services at 9:30 AM.  The service is a blend of contemporary and traditional.  Our church is located at 4415 Newburg Road Nazareth, Pennsylvania 18064.   

When you walk in, find our greeters and introduce yourself. They're usually stationed at the doors to the Sanctuary and they'll show you where to go for the service.  They will show you where to sign in (rear of the Sanctuary) as a visitor, so we may contact you later with church events and information.  Our greeters can also point you to the restrooms and answer basic questions. We also encourage you to introduce yourself to the Pastor and or any of the greeters after the service if you have any questions about the service or other church events.

Thank you for visiting our church.

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